Welcome to TP ICAP’s SEF information page

TP ICAP has served OTC and exchange traded derivatives customers for many years by offering fair, liquid and robust markets. The regulatory framework that has been created in the US by the Dodd-Frank Act provided us with the opportunity to leverage our expertise in operating these markets and expand our services to create Swap Execution Facilities (SEF) encompassing a broad set of asset classes and currencies.

Please see below further information on ICAP's SEF:

In advance of the SEF rule, we launched a number of electronic and voice/electronic hybrid platforms that serve as the basis for many of our SEF products. We are dedicated to serving our customers and will help them to meet their regulatory obligations related to SEF trading.

TP ICAP is committed to our customers and in keeping them informed, and we continually update our website with new information.


TP ICAP currently operates two multi-asset SEFs registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission – ICAP Global Derivatives Limited (IGDL) and tpSEF, Inc. Effective October 30, 2017, the business of ICAP SEF (US) LLC was transitioned to tpSEF. As of that date, ICAP SEF (US) LLC has ceased executing trades as a SEF.

Further information on TP ICAP’s SEFs, including IGDL's Facility Rulebook andtpSEF’s Rulebook, is now ava ilable on this page and on the Regulation tab above. Additional information on tpSEF is also available on tpSEF’s website, click here.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your TP ICAP contacts if you would like to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about on-boarding. We have a team of people dedicated to helping our customers through this process. You may also send any questions about on-boarding, SEF workflow or the rulebook to SEFOn-boarding@icap.com for IGDL.